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a bit about me:

As you meander our site, you will meet LAURA LOVEBERRY, an over-the-top inspirational speaker loaded with life, laughter, and sound Biblical lessons ideal for YOUR women’s ministry event.  With 15+ years of speaking experience, there’s never a dull moment with laugh-out-loud Laura.  Loveberry is a nationally known speaker, author, magazine writer, illustrator, aerobic instructor, and public school teacher.  Even as Mrs. Michigan America 2007, Laura’s favorite titles are Jesus Freak, wife, momma, and dumpster diving diva with a thing for bling!  Laura’s heart’s desire is to encourage YOU to live out YOUR faith adventure, climb YOUR mountains, and grab strength from God on the upward journey.


Loveberry is delighted to introduce to you her new full-color children’s book, “SPLATTER PAINT HERO,” inspired by Arty her puppet and each and every student she ever taught in art class. She is thrilled to set up book signings and public school assemblies with Arty the puppet on hand. Caricature sketching events can be added just for fun!


Laura’s prayer is for you to discover seeds of inspiration as you take in her testimony, read her real life blog called “LIFE IS THE BERRIES” and sense the delights of what GOD is growing! At the core of these fruitful ministries is a deep desire to share with YOU the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for visiting. Come taste and see that the LORD is good.  Enjoy!

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